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Ending Hair Loss Just Got Easy
With Scalp Micropigmentation.

The UK's Leading Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic.


What We Do

Evolution Hair Clinic is the leading scalp micropigmentation (SMP) clinic in Scotland. SMP is effective for balding hair, thinning hair, transplant scars, and alopecia. How does scalp micropigmentation work? it's simple! We deposit tiny droplets of pigment into the scalp. This replicates hair follicles flawlessly. The result is the look of a shaved head or buzz cut. We can also add density to thinning hair to give it a thicker, fuller look. Scalp micropigmentation is affordable and works 100% of the time for men and women. Get in touch for more info and to book your free consultation today.



We deposit droplets of pigment into the skin to replicate hair follicles flawlessly. The finished result is a shaved head look that is indistinguishable from real hair, even up close.



We work between your hair. We deposit tiny droplets of pigment into your scalp under the top layer of skin. The result disguises the contrast between your hair and skin colour. Giving your hair a thicker fuller look.



We camouflage scalp scars. From little dings to scarring from hair transplants we got you covered. We deposit tiny droplets of pigment into the scar and blend into the hair surrounding it. Disguising the scar so it is no longer visible.

What Our Clients Say..

I was 22 when I started losing my hair. By 26 I had lost most off the top along with my confidence.


I understand only too well the stress and anxiety that accompanies hair loss. So I know why an affordable straightforward solution is so important.


After I had my own SMP treatment completed I was blown away by the results. It was an instant confidence booster. I knew I had to help others in a similar position.


Soon after my own treatment I completed my training. Since then I have been treating men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Always giving my clients natural looking results.


Confidence doesn’t come from the outside, it comes from within. A simple hair line is a small change. But it’s amazing how much better it can make us feel about ourselves.


​I was one of the first artists to bring SMP to Scotland. I have been carrying out SMP on both male and female clients for 6 years and treated thousands of clients. I have won many awards for my work. I am one of only a few artists to have achieved an Ofqual level 4 in scalp micropigmentation so you are in good hands ;)


My job is awesome, I Love what I do and I work with a huge amount of passion. I'm blessed everyday that i’m in a position to help others as SMP helped me.


​Colin Smith

Multi Award Winning Clinic

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