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Why Choose Us?

SMP is something that will be on your scalp for years to come so its paramount that it is carried out correctly by a reputable company. Our lead artist Colin has been carrying out SMP for nearly 6 years. He has treated thousands of men and women from all over the UK and abroad giving amazing results everey time.


Colin is a multi-award winning artist and one of only a handful of artists UK wide to gain an Ofqual level 4 in Scalp micropigmentation. Not only is he a pioneer within the industry developing his own techniques he also trains other artists who want to enter the industry as well. His work is second to none. Don't take our word for it, check out our results for yourself.



Colin is a client of Scalp Micropigmentation himself. He paid a small fortune for his treatment. He felt this was massively overpriced. Not to mention rushed. In the end had to get a final treatment from a different clinic to have his finished properly.


It’s because of this Evolution Hair Clinic keep the cost of treatment low compared to other clinics by basing ourselves out with an expensive city centre location which keep our overheads lower.





We are convenient and discreetly located in Falkirk. Just half an hour from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling. We have free parking right in front of the clinic just a couple of minutes from all motorway links and a 5 minute taxi from all the local train stations.


Friendly Service

We know it is our clients that make our business. We put customer service at the centre of everything we do. We offer a warm and friendly service because we understand Scalp Micropigmentation is a big step for most people.


We are open, honest and will answer any and all questions you may have. We will never pressure you to go ahead with any treatment.


Contrary to Colin’s personal experience with other clinics, we take our time. Our priority is to to deliver you amazing results every time.

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